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IM2 and Community

At IM2 we know that responsible behavior and sustainable development matter to our business, and we are determined to make a positive contribution to society.  Responding for this obligation IM2 contribute in several series of social activity from Community Health and Education, Disaster Recovery and Environmental issue. " IM2 berbagi" establish as an umbrella program For various community development and corporate philanthropy activities under taken by IM2.


Disaster Recovery

In conducting our CSR activities, IM2 tries to average on its competences and resources as an Internet Service Provider. Thus, for example, teams of IM2 personnel journeyed to Bengkulu and the Mentawai islands right on the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the region on September 2007, and helped to restore communication flows to and out of those areas through the development of VSAT Ku-Band equipment on the disaster site

Let's Go Green
In this context there is no doubt that climate change is one of the most pressing issues now facing the world. To anticipate this changes IM2 along with customers start to convey Go Green Project as it implement through e-billing program. This program designed to save our forest by reducing utilization of paper in our day to day work activity.

IM2 for Education
IM2 continued with the provision of introduction courses and training in computer and internet for students and the teaching staff of schools located in the immediate vicinity of our head office at Kebagusan, South Jakarta. We also, donated Personal Computer units to these schools. In this way, we hope to play our part in introducing the future generation of Indonesia into the information and communications technology area.

Health for Community
Other community charity activities in 2007 include a program conducted in cooperation with the Syarif Hidayatullah Medical Clinic, where we provide free healthcare and medical consultations for community members at Kampung Melayu district suffering from the Jakarta Flood Disaster.

Miscellaneous Program 
IM2 also frequently organized a public bazaar in which people can buy basic staple items at discounted prices.
Another regular program is the quarterly blood donor drives that have always drawn enthusiastic response from IM2 employees as well as community members around our Jakarta Head Office.

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